Rodorsceaft: The Pillar of Heaven

The night breathes a moist, loamy wind, carrying with it the low rustle of leaves the size of mountains. A low creaking, heard only in the bones, quakes your boot-soles as the bough of Mother Tree shifts to and fro. Far from home and Hold you are, all around you the press of the Wildlands, where the ancient magics run thick and heavy. Eyes of fae creatures, not quite Real, not quite seen, only barely known, pierce through you. At your toes is the edge, where branch meets sky, and beyond … the unfathomable fall into nothingness.

Rodorsceaft: the Pillar of Heaven is a homebrew D&D 3.5/HR campaign setting, in development since 2004. The Red Branch Irregulars is the story of five characters, thrown together by happenstance, making their mark as new members of the most prestigious adventuring company in the world. The game has been running since October 2009.

FORTHCOMING: An entire semester’s worth of updates!

Tales of the Red Branch has come to an end. Thank you to everyone who saw it through!

Rodorsceaft: Pillar of Heaven

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