Rodorsceaft: Pillar of Heaven

14 - 21 March 2010

An Interlude: 1 Cyn-Braenar to 7 Hwyr-Braenar, 7 B.Blodd

At the conclusion of the Mawr Helfeydd festival, the Red Branch took some time to regroup, regather and recover from the intense events of the preceding seasons. With no pressing matters to attend to and no new jobs coming in, the men of the Branch passed their days pursuing their own projects.

Ishlin trained with Cedrick the Bear, gaining more skill with the way of the bow, and hunted, and occasionally visited with Councilor Nyzomr.

Brennis divided his time between drinking and smoking with Councilor Oadlay, drinking and smoking with Cutter Jack, attempting to renew his ties with the monastery and attempting to locate his parents. On the latter two counts he was unsuccessful; the monastery doors remained closed to him and the walls silent, and the trail of his parents had long grown cold.

Kyton spent his time with the grove near Gerrard’s Cross, helping partake in the training of the young druids and rangers, all the while ruminating on the apparition he had seen during the night of Mawr Helfeydd.

Ioan, between time spent with his lover Lyssah in the grove, returned to the Conservatory to hone his skills. In addition, he was tapped by Councilor Goicel to fill in at the Opera House for an ill performer. His two-week run as the third man in Moriarti’s Chantez au Ciel was well-received.

Hershlag visited a healer in order to try and recover his memory. Shortly thereafter, he returned to the Brewhaus, packed his belongings and left without a word to his compatriots. He has not been seen or heard from since.

Gene, of course, spent his time working as a guard and occasionally taking meals at the Brewhaus with the Red Branch.

In the town at large, the populace returned to business as usual. The end of the harvest season meant an increase in airship travel as the traders and farmers work to move their wares to markets all over the branchlands. An increase in airship traffic means an increase in local prosperity; the inns are constantly full and exotic travelers wander the streets day and night.

In politics, Councilor Buglakk was tried and convicted of hiring the Tauren to assassinate Councilor Rhivleg. The assessed weregild ruined him and reduced him to poverty; his seat on the Council was sold to Councilor Montrose Graham, a wealthy eccentric.

Beyond that, it’s business as usual in River’s End, as the days grow shorter and the weather cools.



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