Thokk du Frostlac

Leader of the Banditos, Thokk is an intelligent, charismatic hob-orc with a fascination for books and magic.


Big even for a hob-orc, Thokk stands 7-foot-3 and weighs nearly four hundred pounds … and all of it is muscle. An oddity for a hob-orc is the tiny pair of spectacles perched on the bridge of his nose. He carries a well-worn steel greatsword and wears sturdy-looking leathers.


Thokk was born in Frostlac, an outskirt settlement of the small kingdom of Merdeaux, located on one of the cold lower branches. His intelligence made him a solitary child, and he lived the life of a trapper for a time, before meeting Sarena and forming the Banditos.

After a particularly nasty scuffle with local law enforcement, Thokk was exposed to magic for the first time in his life in the form of a heal spell. This caused the awakening of his latent sorcerer talents, granting him serendipitous access to the magic he had always admired.

Thokk du Frostlac

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