Anchorite Wassouf Linnaeus

Priest of the Light in River's End


A humble, unassuming man, Anchorite Linnaeus is thoroughly devoted to the service of his cause. A missionary all his life, he has resided in River’s End for nearly twenty years and serves as priest and spiritual advisor to the small number of adherents to the Way of the Light in River’s End.


Not much is known about Anchorite Linnaeus prior to his time in River’s End. He hails from the Solarian Remnant (though he never fails to refer to it as the Solarian Empire), and he arrived in town out of the blue one day. Upon his arrival, he made his way directly to the temple without pausing for a rest or a meal.

The temple, at that time, was in a general state of disrepair; the town, while not allowing it to fall completely into ruin, had taken an attitude of mild neglect towards the building and grounds. Anchorite Linnaeus immediately threw himself into the work of restoring it to its former glory, displaying skills of carpentry and masonry. In the space of a moon the temple once again shone in the sunlight, a radiant white beacon to all who wished to learn of the Light.

The reactions of the populace ranged from apathy to mild hostility towards the Anchorite’s efforts, but he responded to vandalism and harsh words with patience and humility, and in time, the town came to respect him. The temple and its grounds are now known as a place of beauty and tranquility that very few in town will dare disrupt; while Anchorite Linnaeus’ efforts to proselytize are largely unsuccessful, he has attracted a small handful of followers and even has a pair of acolytes. Regardless of the success or failure of his message, he holds Solarian services each day at sunrise, noon and sunset, keeping to the tenets of the Way of the Light.

Anchorite Wassouf Linnaeus

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