Virek the Tailor

The finest tailor in River's End


Virek is fairly average, as black elves go: black skin, shockingly white hair, faintly luminescent red eyes. He favors tasteful clothing, not too extravagant but speaking to his wealth and skill at a tailor, in colors that impeccably flatter his unusual skin.

Virek is gregarious, and not above slipping a bit of gossip into his chatter. Never too much, though; a man of discretion is never too open about just what he knows.

Despite his position as clothier of the powerful, Virek maintains a humble disposition. Though he is called the best tailor in River’s End, he never admits to this, and he is rarely seen at events, functions and locales unbecoming a mere crofter.


Virek has been a tailor in River’s End for a generation of humans; his shop has been on Beeker Street for over thirty years, and the majority of the current Council and aristocracy grew up wearing his clothes.

Virek the Tailor

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