The primary feature of the world of Rodorsceaft is Mam Coeden, the Pillar of Heaven, a mighty oak tree.

  • 1300 miles high primary trunk
  • ~2-3000 mile full span of branches
  • 3 “tiers” of branches with 4-5 major branches each
  • Crown of tree additional
  • 2000 miles canopy height
  • Total height 3300 miles

The mighty tree is anchored and rooted in a sizeable hemisphere of dirt, variously called the Terrestrium, the Lowlands or the Ground. The diameter of this hemisphere is slightly larger than the span of Mam Coeden’s branches, and contains temperate to subtropical terrain types.

On the underside of the Terrestrium, where the sun’s light never reaches, is the cold wasteland known as the Underhome.


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