Very little is known about these mysterious creatures. Whispers abound of furtive dark rituals, fel and corrupt, to resurrect demonic essences from which the warlocks, bereft of their source of power, could feed. The truth is not known; nobody has seen or dealt with a daemon since the rise of the Solarian Empire.

Daemons are rumored to have been created by the gnomes at some time after the Dance of the Fading Spiral brought the Demon War to an end. Warlocks, gnomish and otherwise, had made pacts with demons to gain their powers. With the demons gone, the warlocks needed a new way to power their invocations.

The exact way in which this was accomplished is unclear. The gnomes came up with a way to create “artificial” demons, which they called daemons. It is presumed that these daemons were not able to provide for the warlocks what they were after, for one reason or another, because at some point between then and now, the warlocks started making pacts with the fae instead.

Many questions about these daemons abound. How were they created? What is their nature? What do they look like? How do you fight them? Why did the gnomes seal them away rather than destroying them?

Any knowledge about the daemons is no doubt locked up securely within the gnome city. Unless one is somehow set free, the world may never know the answers to these questions.


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