Because of the Dance of the Fading Spiral, access to the outer planes is cut off and all things that have died since the dance was done remain as spirits. Though these spirits are largely unable to affect anything within the Prime Material, they retain all their memories and powers while in the spirit realm.

This has had the curious effect of the establishments of “heavens” and “hells” within the spirit realm. The virtuous dead, for example, wish to keep company only with the other virtuous dead, and are quite capable of defending their spiritual territory. Likewise, those who were evil and powerful remain so, and are always looking for new minions. Thus, those new to the spirit world can expect a continuation of what they were accustomed to in life.

Another side-effect of the overall status quo is that death is not terribly feared. While details on the afterlife are sparse, as communication between the living and the spirits is difficult, there is no doubt that there is an afterlife. Knowing this for certain colors the outlook of the living.

A practical mechanical benefit of this situation is that returning the dead to life is not nearly so difficult a proposition as it is in standard settings. It costs one-tenth the “standard” material components to return one from the dead, and the timeframe in which such spells are effective is increased tenfold. Please note that the “real” cost of raising someone from the dead is still impacted by the increased cost of some materials, as detailed on the Currency and Trade page.

Finally, the connection between life and death is so strong that, if someone dies violently, they can be returned to life using simple curative magic for a period after their death. How long this period is, depends on the individual.


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