Dhal Dominion

The Dhal Dominion is a Lawful Neutral totalitarian state. Nominally part of the Mysidian Empire, the Ministers who rule the Dominion are subject only to the Maximus, whoever that may be.

The Dhal Dominion was never part of the Solarian Empire; it was conquered by Gorus Maximus’ airship force some ten years after the unification of the Mysidian Empire. The Dominion was regarded as a territory of the Empire, and reverted to its own autonomy upon the death of Maximus’ child. However, the Ministers chose to continue their association with Mysidia, and continue to pay an annual duty to the Maximus, maintaining the bonds of fealty that tie the two entities together.

The Dominion spans a large, but resource-poor, portion of the branch in the Third Quadrant. They are not an aggressive people, but they are fiercely defensive of anything they perceive as theirs. Property law is very well-developed within the Dominion, as are pretty much all other areas of law. Capital and corporal crimes are common, as is indentured servitude, as few of the Dhali have enough property to bother with fines or weregilds.

The Dominion’s legal relationship with Mysidia is complex; though they are nominally part of the same Empire, the pseudo-breakup and power struggle of the Mysidian Kingdoms has permitted the Dominion a great deal of autonomy. While the Dhali are technically subject to Mysidian common law, enforcement is practically impossible. However, well-developed extradition agreements do exist, where Dhali accused of breaking Mysidian laws in Mysidian territories can be extradited to that territory for trial and punishment (and vice versa), and such extraditions, while uncommon, are not unknown.

Dhal Dominion

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