Divine Grace

Prerequisites: Touched by the Light, Wis 15

Effect: You gain 2 extra Divine Power.

Special: This feat can be taken more than once.

Literacy [General]

Prerequisites: Int 13, Knowledge (linguistics) 4

Effect: You can automatically read and write all languages that you can speak. Reading and writing a language does not count towards languages known based on your Knowledge (linguistics) score.

Touched by the Light [Exalted]

Prerequisite: Sacred Vow (BoED), good alignment

Effect: The character has accepted the call to paladinhood. So long as he keeps his heart pure and never commits an evil act, the character gains a pool of Divine Power, of a number of points equal to 1 + his Wisdom modifier (minimum 1). These points return each day at dawn, and are used to power his divine abilities.

  • Turn undead: The character may spend some of his divine power to turn undead as a cleric of his character level.
  • Lay on hands: The character may spend some of his divine power to heal a single target of a number of hit points equal to his level times his charisma modifier. This is a touch spell that requires a full-round action.
  • Smite: The character may spend some of his divine power to charge his next attack with holy power. The character’s next attack gains a bonus to attack equal to the character’s Charisma modifier and a bonus to damage equal to the character’s level. This extra damage bypasses all resistances, but is not multipled on a critical hit. When this ability is active, the weapon or spell used glows with a golden white light and is considered good-aligned.

Also, as long as the character has any points left in his Divine Power pool, he radiates an aura of good like the cleric of a Good deity.

If the character ever ceases to be good-aligned or willfully commits an evil act, he loses all benefit of this feat and may not select another.


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