True goblins have never been terribly commonplace in Rodorsceaft. A long lifespan coupled with a low birthrate means that attrition has always kept their numbers low. This fact, coupled with their less-than-impressive physical stature, has led to a goblin racial policy of neutrality. While exceptions can be found, goblins, on the whole, prefer not to take sides, establish territory or do much of anything else that would anger one of the more … assertive races.

Goblins stand between three and four feet tall, with comparatively short legs and long arms. Their fingers and toes are very long for their size. They have short, porcine noses and large, pointed ears, broad mouths and oversized eyes. The skin of most goblins is a pale shade of green; however, blue and red variants do exist.

Goblins do not maintain cities or territories; there are too few of them for that. Instead, they form small enclaves within the cities of larger sentients, or they live a nomadic existence in trade caravans. They prefer talking to running, and running to fighting; a goblin will fight only if cornered. If forced to fight, goblins use cunning and dirty tactics to even the odds as much as possible.

Goblins’ innate intelligence and attention to detail makes them merchants without peer; their long, dextrous fingers and precise sense of touch grants them a superb ability for delicate work. Though physically weak, they are nonetheless very deadly in anything but a straight-up fight.

Verte Goblins

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Verte goblins are, by far, the most common sort of goblin, exhibiting the characteristic pale green skin, dark green or black hair and green or hazel eyes. These goblins are the merchants, the traders and the craftsmen.

Rouze Goblins

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Perhaps one goblin in five is born with reddish-brown skin instead of the typical green. Such goblins are called Rouze, and they are taller and stronger than their kin. Rouze goblins stand between four and five feet tall, and exhibit blonde to white hair and reddish-brown eyes.

In goblin culture, the Rouze are the warrior caste. Many are fostered out to the other humanoid races to be trained in the arts of combat, which the goblins, as a whole, have little interest in.

Azuro Goblins

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By far the rarest kind of goblin, the Azuro, or “blue,” is born fewer than one out of one hundred. Azuro goblins are invariably gifted with some sorcerous ability; because of this, they are feared and respected by the goblins as a whole. Of course, goblins being a fairly irreverent bunch, the practical upshot of this fear and respect amounts to perhaps less than the Azuro would like.

Random Height/Weight

Type Base Height Variant Height Base Weight Variant Weight
Verte Male 2’10 (34) +2d8 30 +2d10
Verte Female 2’8 (32) +2d6 25 +2d8
Rouze Male 3’10 (46) +2d10 70 +4d6
Rouze Female 3’10 (46) +2d8 60 +5d4
Azuro Male 2’8 (32) +2d6 25 +2d8
Azuro Female 2’6 (30) +2d6 25 +2d6


Type Base Age Middle Age Old Age Venerable Max Age
Verte 30 100 175 250 +2d100
Rouze 20 80 120 160 +1d100
Azuro 40 100 200 300 +3d100


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