Harp and Tankard

Known as the Royal Explorer’s League in the early days of the Mysidian Empire, Harp and Tankard is a college for bards who feel the pull of wanderlust. Known affectionately as Vagabonds, members of Harp and Tankard are those who are always looking to the next horizon, the next adventure, the next new story to tell.

Harp and Tankard has no official colleges. Most prospective Vagabonds start out their careers as an apprentice to a more experienced Vagabond, and are given their training on the road. In addition to music and storytelling, Vagabond training focuses on skills useful to the traveling bard, both in the wilds and in the cities. Depending on the ability of the apprentice, he will earn his blue boots after five to eight years of traveling with his master.

Vagabonds tend to march to the beat of their own two feet. They are fiercely independent but nonetheless very tight-knit; they are rarely interested in competing with one another for anything more than bragging rights to having seen something before any of their peers. Despite this friendly rivalry, it is not uncommon for two or three Vagabonds to undertake a new expedition together, carefully writing up their observations for hopeful inclusion in the next edition of Boot and Trail.

Skills: Perform (any), Decipher Script, Knowledge (nature), Knowledge (Dungeoneering), Gather Information, Search, Open Lock, Disable Device, Survival, Climb, Swim

Harp and Tankard

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