Ancient History: GY ~1500

  • Gnomes build the Spiral Path
  • Humans come to the tree
  • Elves, Gnomes and Raptorans were already there
  • Humans encroach on Raptoran aeries
  • Elves teach humans about Druidism
  • Druids establish absolute control

The Withering: ~1900 – 1932

  • Groundling wizards, new to Tree, conference with Gnomes
  • Wizards discover that power can be siphoned from the tree
  • Called the Defilers
  • Mother Tree calls on the Druids to intervene
  • Wild Reapers formed
  • Defilers from kingdom of Moros enact great ritual, GY 1932
  • Branch of the tree withers, killing Moros and Defilers
  • Wild reapers clean up what’s left

Demon War: 2039 – 2073

  • Raptorans learn to summon demons and devils and slaad
  • Raptorans declare war on humans
  • Humans summon celestials
  • Paladins and Favored Souls invented
  • Great war engulfs branchlands
  • Druids sidelined
  • Cathmor invents Dance of the Fading Spiral
  • Demons and celestials banished except Samael

Solarian Empire: 2078 – 2296

  • Samael remains, calls on his followers to conquer in the name of the Light
  • Solarian Empire spreads across the branchlands
  • Expansion lasts 200 Solarian years
  • 200 years of stability
  • Next 150 years are spent dividing and crumbling
  • Drought years ca. aS 520 lead to aggression against tribes and Druids
  • Samael demands pogrom against Druids
  • Druids respond by sealing Samael, aS 540
  • Bereft of their divine guidance, Radiant Emperors cannot rule
  • Empire collapses after last Emperor abdicates, aS 568

Mysidian Empire: 2412 – 2455, ongoing

  • Solarian Empire collapses in turmoil
  • Gorus Mysidium carves an empire out of the ashes


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