Imperial Marlowe Company

This is a college of bards who focus on acting rather than just on musical performance. Members of the Imperial Marlowe Company, named for the greatest Solarian playwrite, are known for their ability to assume any role and play it to the hilt.

A bard of the Company is generally found in one of two capacities: either employed by an opera house in a large city, or as part of a traveling acting troupe. There are three standing colleges of the Company; each prospective member is required to spend two years at one of the colleges. The rest of their training is undertaken via apprenticeship.

Members of the Company rarely have time to adventure. Their days are consumed by rehearsal and performance, and no few members of the Company are respected playwrites in their own right.

The great playwrite, Marlowe Shaxberd, was not a member of the Company. He was a Solarian noble with a particular gift for writing plays. The society in his name was not founded until fifty years after his death.

Virtually every actor or troubadour of note is or has been a member of the IMC.

Skills: Bluff, Disguise, Perform (any), Sense Motive. Members of the Company must be able to speak and read Elvish.

Imperial Marlowe Company

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