Mawr Helfeydd

The month of the Wild Hunt, when the Druids and Druid-affiliated cultures celebrate the end of the harvest season and work to prepare everything for the lean season.

The 19-day celebration is divided up roughly evenly into three parts. The first part is focused on feasting and fighting and revelry. Contests and competitions where martial prowess can be displayed are common, covering all areas of martial activity (fighting, archery, mounted combat, brawling).

For the second part, the focus turns to arts, crafts and performances. Brewing contests are held, great feasts are thrown, bardic competitions abound. Ceilidhs are held almost every night and bardic performers are in even higher demand than usual.

Finally, for the last six or seven days, the festivities take on a religious tone. Fortunes are taken, magical rituals are conducted, blessings are solicited and the Druids come to town to select their mates. This is also the time of the Wild Hunt, when the best hunters are guided by the Druids to track and take down the Lord of the Wild.

The last night of Mawr Helfeydd, when the veil between the real world and the spirit world is thinnest, the Druidic groves are opened and the boundaries are torn down. Spiritual and secular mix, all taboos are suspended and the greatest party imaginable is thrown as the people abandon their reason and give way to the sacred. The meat of the Lord of the Wild is ritually shared amongst the people and strange things are seen in the woods.

Most Druidic children are conceived on the last night of Mawr Helfeydd. On the years when a new Hierophant has been chosen, this is the night that they officially take up the mantle.

The following day begins the new year with the waning season, when the fields lay fallow and the weather turns. Anything that remains in the fields after the last night of Mawr Helfeydd is left as an offering to the spirits, to solicit their blessings for the coming year.

Pronunciation: mour helFAYTH (as in THis)

Mawr Helfeydd

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