Path of the Sun

This is a relatively simple ritual used to create a barrier against certain dark creatures. The ritualist creates a circle on the ground using salt, iron filings or by scratching it directly into the dirt; he then augments the circle with glyphs and sigils crafted in the same way. Once the ritual is completed, so long as the circle remains unbroken, it functions as a one-way barrier for certain creatures (whether the creatures are prohibited from entering or leaving the circle depends on how the ritualist draws it, and is set at the time the ritual is performed).

If the circle is broken, or a hostile action is performed across it, it loses its power and cannot be repaired. The circle must be perfectly circular; it cannot be rectangular or an oval.

Skill: Knowledge (Religion) DC 10; better checks make stronger circles

Time to perform: 10 minutes per 5-foot square affected

Path of the Sun

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