These are the oldest magics, drawn from the Prime—the motive energy of life and growing things. Druids, bards and their ilk are the main wielders of this kind of magic, and through it are able to extend their influence over the elements, the world and all living things.

Primal magic is like divine magic, only more intuitive and less agent-driven. Wielders of primal magic do not pray for their spells; rather, they gain them through communion with nature and the living spirit of Mam Coeden.


Primal casters (Druids, Rangers and Bards) regain their spells through a period of meditation and communion with nature. In order to regain their spells, they have to spend an hour of quiet reflection under the open sky or standing on unworked earth. This can be done once per day, as reckoned from sunset to sunset, and at least eight hours must pass between recharges.

While in the Sunlands, Primal casters cast at +1 caster level.


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