Rite of Spellsealing

This rite is used to temporarily suppress a creature’s access to his innate magic. The victim loses all access to spontaneous casting and any spell-like abilities he may possess for the duration of the ritual’s effect.

Learn DC: Knowledge (arcana) 20

Rite DC: Knowledge (arcana) 20, Spellcraft 20 + HD of subject, Craft (painting) 15

Reagents: At least 50g worth of a specially-prepared dye paste per HD of the subject

Time: 10 min/HD of subject

Special: This rite only affects humanoid or near-human spellcasters that have skin

The ritualist begins by binding the subject in such a way that most of his skin is exposed; an open rack is ideal but as long as the ritualist has access to the majority of the subject’s skin, the rite can be performed. The subject does not have to be conscious for the rite to be performed, but performing the rite on an unconscious subject increases the Spellcraft DC by 5. The ritualist then spends time tracing glyphs on the subject’s skin with the paste, saying the right words and maintaining the proper mental attitudes to work the magic.

The ritualist is effectively temporarily rerouting the subject’s aura using the special dye, which leaves tattoo-like marks on the subject’s skin. This aura rerouting seals away spellcasting abilities, making the subject unable to access them while the marks persist. The ritualist must make a DC 20 Knowledge (arcana) check at the start of the ritual to discern the correct symbols to use; a Spellcraft check of DC 20 + the subject’s HD to actually perform the re-routing; and a DC 15 Craft (painting) check to properly draw the intricate symbols. If all three of the checks succeed, the subject becomes unable to use his innate spellcasting abilities for as long as the marks persist (4 + 1d6 days).

If the Knowledge (arcana) check fails, then the ritualist is unable to discern the proper marks to use for that particular subject, and the ritualist may not attempt the rite again for that subject until either the ritualist or the subject has gained a level. If the Spellcraft or Craft (arcana) checks fail, the ritual is ineffective and the reagent is lost, but the ritualist may try again. Note that there is no way to know for sure if the rite is effective.

Rite of Spellsealing

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