River's End

River’s End started its existence as a Cymru hold long before the onset of the Demon War. Its natural location on the banks of the River Liebe, nestled in forested foothills, made it a site of great appeal to the Druidically-oriented Cymru.

Much later, as the Rhysmarch fell under the dominion of the Solarian Empire, a fortress was installed at River’s End and the town was founded. In the nine hundred or so years since the erection of the town’s fortress, the town has grown into a major trade city of nearly thirty thousand people.

River’s End is a free city, beholden to none. An annual honorarium is paid to Count Waethe out of courtesy; Count Waethe, in turn, ensures that the town is permitted by the court of Dominex to maintain its free status.

River’s End is a major trade hub, having a number of airship docks. The river is navigable to the town of Bryn, though most commerce is carried out by road and wagon. River’s End is also home to a permanent campus of the Conservatory and to the largest monastery in the kingdom.

River’s End is governed by the Council of Twelve, all wealthy aristocrats who handle the laws and day-to-day affairs of the city. By and large, the city holds to Mysidian common law, enforced by the Constabulary. Most crime in the city is also organized under the banner of the Perfectly Legitimate Businessmen; outliers and petty criminals can sometimes get away with maintaining small-time schemes for a while, but most would-be scofflaws usually find it best to associate with the PLB.

River’s End is home to four large inns and several more taverns and public houses, an Opera house and cultural districts for each of the Thran, Cymru and Ur-Skek subcultures. There is an extensive slum area outside the city walls, though conditions there are pretty good for a slum.

River's End

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