Simon's Claw

Simon’s Claw is a finely-crafted silvered kama, so well-polished that reflections in the dual-tempered blade seem brighter than the original. The haft is rowan wood, lacquered perfectly smooth with a rich grain. Leather from a gryphon wraps the handle, and two colorful tassels depend from the silver-clad pommel.

Simon the Silent was a nekujin monk at Diggswood Abbey during the time of the Solarian Empire. Delivered there a few days after his birth, he was raised by the brothers. Never much for words, he took a vow of silence upon entering his holy orders.

Brother Simon left the monastery one day and disappeared into Diggswood Forest. Nobody knew what had become of him, until one day, nearly fifteen years later, he returned, older and much stronger and sporting a pair of feathery wings. He also bore an intelligent kama, a talkative, boisterous thing, which explained that Samael had granted it to his new acolyte so that he could still spread the word of the Light to those who needed to hear it. The fact that Simon’s Claw, as the kama came to be known, was uncultured, ill-mannered, boisterous and profane strangely did not cast any doubt on this story. The Claw’s zest for helping others and zeal for fighting evil left no doubt about where its heart truly was.

After Brother Simon died, never having broken his vow, the kama changed hands to whichever brother was considered the best match for its personality. It had three owners between the time Simon died and the time the abbey was destroyed, but it never speaks of them, and it never brooked being given a new name.

Simon’s Claw is talkative whenever it is awake. It can stand being told to quiet down for short periods of time, but even if conversation isn’t being made with it, it will prattle on quietly to itself. It has no visual capability but is vaguely aware of its surroundings, and can sense the presence of evil (but not the direction) with a resolution of fifty feet or so. It will not tolerate being placed in any kind of magical container; if its owner attempts to do so, an immediate Ego challenge occurs. Simon’s Claw also disapproves of stealth, but can be talked into permitting it. The Claw also refuses to allow evil to persist if it perceives something can be done about it, nor will it allow innocents to be in harm’s way, and will make Ego challenges as necessary to get its way in such matters.

Simon’s Claw
  • +1 silvered kama
  • Intelligent, Lawful Good
  • INT 17, WIS 15, CHA 13, Ego 10
  • Speech: Solarian, gnoll, celestial, giant
  • Perception: as blind-sense to 30’, plus as detect evil (distance to nearest 50’ only)
  • Skills: Sense Motive +10, Knowledge (Religion) +10
  • bless 3/day, CL 5th
  • On command, sheds white-gold light as a torch

Simon's Claw

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