Spirit Realm

Very little is known about the spirit realm. It appears to be largely coterminous to the Prime Material; for the most part, if something exists in the Real, it exists in spirit. Its form, however, might be different; what looks like an empty, abandoned graveyard in the living lands might be teeming with the spirits of ancestors, and what is a bustling, busy city at the edge of a plateau might be a barren waste full of tall, strange shapes in the world of the spirits.

Most of the time, it requires powerful magic to pierce the veil between the real world and the spirit world; exceptions are on certain special days which obey no discernible mortal pattern.

There is usually very little reason for mortals to visit the spirit world. The spirits, themselves, are largely unconcerned with mortal affairs, and nothing has ever been successfully brought back from beyond the veil.

The Spirit World overlaps with, but is not the same as, the Ethereal Plane. Spirits have an easily-visible ethereal presence, though they are just as hard to affect and influence there as they are in the Real.

Spirit Realm

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