The tauren are a recent offshoot of the savage, brutal minotaurs. Somewhat smaller in build and physically less formidable, the tauren make up for their less-impressive strength with much greater cunning and intellect.

The tauren are culturally homogenous; there is only one tribe of fewer than five hundred individuals. Honor and obedience to one’s elders are paramount; all tauren are members of the Family, owing absolute allegiance to the Vaulabal and his Jarles. The tauren are extensively tattooed; a tauren’s tattoos are the story of his life, depicting the choices he has made and the events he has survived.

The tauren make their living as criminals-for-hire; virtually any kind of roguery and skulduggery is available for a price. They have no regard for law but hold personal relationships to the highest importance; likewise, a tauren’s word, when given, is the strongest bond. They comport themselves with impeccable honor and expect such in all of their dealings with outsiders. Those who cross the tauren are unlikely to live to regret their mistake.

  • +2 Strength, -2 Dexterity: Tauren are very strong but their large frame makes them slow to react.
  • Giant: tauren are not subject to spells or effects that target only humanoids.
  • Medium: as medium creatures, tauren receive no bonuses or penalties based on size.
  • A tauren’s base land speed is 30 ft.
  • Powerful build: when it is beneficial, the tauren is treated as one size larger for purposes of checks. The tauren can also use weapons sized for creatures one category larger without penalty. The tauren’s reach and space remain the same.
  • Spell-like ability: stomp 1/day. Caster level is ½ the tauren’s character level. The save DC is charisma-based.
  • Automatic languages: Common, Tauric. Bonus languages: Giant, Sylvan, Thran.
  • A tauren’s favored class is rogue.


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