Solarian word for the Lands Below, the foundation, the firmament in which the roots of Mother Tree are planted. The Terrestrium, also known as the Lowlands, is a great hemisphere of rock and dirt, as far across as the branches of the tree spread; the term “terrestrium” used colloquially, however, refers to the part of this hemisphere that is lit by the sun (the “top” of it). The cold, barren underside is generally referred to as the Underhome.

The Terrestrium is hot, humid and lush; jungle conditions prevail over the vast part of it. That which is not jungle (near the edges) is savannah, desert or hot bayou, scattered amongst continents and islands in freshwater seas.

The Terrestrium is primarily dominated by primitive humans, lizardfolk and centaurs, with a few other monstrous humanoid races thrown in. There is little in the way of organized kingdoms or advanced technology, and the magic that is known is almost entirely Primal. Druidism is unknown to the groundlings, and sorcerers are very, very few; clerics are as rare as they are anywhere else in the world.

There are a few groundling pseudo-states that have the wherewithal to mine and smelt metal. These states tend to trade exclusively with branchland states for food and cloth.


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