The Conservatory

By far the most popular of the Mysidian bardic colleges, the Conservatory is the training ground for the rock stars of Rodorsceaft. Conservatory bards are those who are best suited to entertain the masses through song and performance; they are schooled in a variety of instruments, vocalism, solo and group work and music theory, as well as diplomacy, etiquette and politics. A Conservatory bard is most at home playing in front of crowds of commoners, large or small; in any tavern or festival, the bards most commonly seen were Conservatory-educated.

Some famous Conservatory bards include Elanna Torres, Rimfort the Blade and the legendary Jean-Jacque de Courvoisier.

The Conservatory’s history dates back only a few hundred years, arising during the long decline of the Solarian Empire. The focus on the importance of bards for the spread of news and entertainment during the darkening days, coupled with the de-emphasis, tied to the decline, on pietas in music, led a few enterprising troubadours to realize they could amass massive profits by offering simple training with broad appeal. They founded the first school of the Conservatory in the town of Markham. It attracted a huge number of applicants, both teachers and students; the curriculum quickly fleshed out and enrollment swelled. Other schools were opened shortly thereafter; within fifty years, the Conservatory had become the preeminent bardic school in the Solarian remnant.

While the music characteristic of the Conservatory has broad appeal for the times, it is not without its criticism. A common critique of Conservatory bards is that they all sound similar, and their music tends to lack complexity compared to that of some other schools. In addition, Conservatory bards, responding to changing tastes among the populace, rarely stick with a musical style long enough to achieve true mastery. For all this, however, the Conservatory remains hugely popular as a path for aspiring bards, and it is an excellent means to success for both adventuring bards and for those who desire great commercial success.

The bards of the Conservatory are awarded a distinctive blue cloak upon their graduation. The cloak is not magical, but is suitable for any enchant the bard desires.

Skills: Knowledge (nobility and royalty), Diplomacy, Bluff, Perform (vocal), Perform (dance), Perform (composition), Gather Information, Sense Motive

The Conservatory

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