The Philosopher's Guild

A small college dating from the height of the Solarian Empire, the Philosopher’s Guild is a bardic college dedicated to intellectual pursuit. While they have no specific musical focus, Philosophers are widely reknowned as the best orators and rhetoricians in the civilized world. Philosophers can often be found as instructors at prestigious universities and are the source of the bulk of extant texts on logic, ethics, metaphysics and epistemology.

Philosophers are far more interested in intellectual pursuits than adventuring, though there have been a few adventuring members of the guild. These rare individuals have mostly been acting as researchers, though some few have taken up the adventuring life simply as a different kind of challenge for their vast intellect.

Philosophers wear fine blue robes as their badge of office.

Philosophers rarely perform; most of them earn their keep through lecturing and the private tutoring of the children of the wealthy. While their primary focus is on philosophy and rhetoric, most Philosophers have plenty of time to branch out into other areas of knowledge.

Skills: Knowledge (any), Decipher Script, Perform (oratory). Philosophers are required to speak and read Draconic.

The Philosopher's Guild

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