The Virtuoso Society

The oldest bardic college in existence, the Virtuoso society traces its roots back to the early days of the Solarian Empire. Sponsored by the Paladin-King to produce only the finest music to exalt the glory of Samael and the Light, the society has honed and refined its pursuit of musical perfection ever since.

Bards of the Virtuoso society focus on the pursuit of musical perfection to all else. It is, by far, the hardest college to gain entry to, requiring a near-endless series of auditions, sponsorships and patronage to even begin training. Even then, only the most promising candidates make it through the first year of schooling. These cherished few spend the remaining eight years of their training refining and perfecting their mastery of a single instrument or musical style. At the conclusion of their training, each student is required to give a marathon performance in front of their instructors and classmates. A single imperfection in the multi-hour performance is grounds for dismissal and expulsion.

This unyielding grind, while weeding out many excellent students, assures that only the very finest technical performers are able to wear the coveted blue feather of the Virtuoso. Virtuosos are sought-after worldwide for their mastery of their art, and are generally well-funded by their patrons. A Virtuoso performance commands nearly any price from those who truly appreciate their talent; Virtuosos play to royal audiences and sold-out opera houses.

For all their apparent perfection, however, the Virtuosos are not without their critics. Virtuoso music, while vibrant, rich and complex, tends to be stilted and unchanging; moreover, there is very little allowance for the avant-garde within the society. As such, a virtuoso performance in modern times will sound very similar to a virtuoso performance a millennium ago.

Virtuosos are rarely adventurers; their skill and scarcity is virtually a guarantee that they will enjoy a very comfortable existence.

Skills: Perform (single instrument or vocal) will always be maxed Feats: Skill focus (perform) is a mandatory first-level feat.

The Virtuoso Society

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