Towonga is the blanket term for the lands beyond the Barrens, inhabited primarily by Ainujin humans but also by Nekujin and other minor sentient races and fae. It has been isolated from the rest of Mam Coeden for approximately five hundred Gnomish years; as a result, it is wildly different from anything found anywhere else.

The Towon cultures are anything but united; there are many small kingdoms ruled mostly by feudal warlords. Fights between rival kingdoms and rival clans are punctuated by occasional incursions from Thri-Kreen raiders who live on the very edge of the Barrens.

Towonga is a land of large, fertile plateaus and abundant rivers and streams. Very little rain falls thanks to the proximity of the Barrens, but great sirocco storms do occasionally roll in. The growing season is not especially long, but because of the richness of the land, the people seldom go hungry. Likewise, the Wildlands in Towonga are smaller than they are elsewhere, though perhaps because of this smaller size they are wilder and more unpredictable than they are elsewhere. Many an Ainujin tale revolves around unwary children wandering into the woods and thickets, only to be snatched up by some oni-spirit, never to return.

One unusual feature about Towonga compared to other human territories is that it is at the very edge of a branch, and at that a very weak branch. Because of this, Towonga is far more prone to tree-quakes than other places, and its landscape and architecture show this. For each fertile valley there is a high, jagged mountain range, and the broken-up landscape contributes to the fractiousness of the area’s politics.


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